Sunday, March 29, 2009

We have entered the blogging world!

After much pressure from family and friends far from us we are finally joining the blogging world. As many of you know this is in anticipation of our little man arriving here in a few short weeks. We figured this would be the simplest way for us to keep everyone updated as to what's happening at the Dean home.

So. . . how are we doing: I am feeling pretty well but, am happy to know that the end of my pregnancy is near. As most of you know it has been a fairly routine pregnancy with no big news or events other than a move to Savannah and finally finding out it was a boy. Preston is staying busy with work, as they are still getting the unit up and running after the recent move and also preparing for their up coming deployment. I've managed to keep him busy in his spare time around the house as we've been decorating the babies room but, at last it is finished and waiting.

The most recent belly shot at 36 weeks.

Preston helping to set up the nursery.

Older belly shot at 32 weeks.

Baby's profile from ultrasound.