Saturday, November 20, 2010

Last Few Weeks Alone

Since we're almost finished with this deployment and we've been on our own the last few weeks, Hayden's had a little more freedom to roam on his own.  This has meant finding him in some pretty interesting places or me allowing him to do a few more things just to stay busy.  Lucky for us our time apart is over as Preston is set to arrive home tomorrow!

 Brady taught him this and now he won't stay out of it.  Sad part is he can't get out on his own so he'll call until I come.

 He just had to find a way to get those bubbles.

All this playing sure tuckers a boy out.

 Yeah, fresh bread!

 Sure smells yummy, is it done yet? (I love how his nose is smashed right up against the top.)
Uh Oh, he's found the buttons.

 Let's see what I can find in here.

Ah, a nice book.  I love finding him like this rather than ripping them apart, maybe he is learning after all.

Halloween 2010

For Halloween this year we had a great opportunity to spend the evening with some good friends of ours at their church's fall festival.  Hayden wasn't so sure about the bounces but loved dancing and running around with his friend Emily.  He was absolutely adorable in his soldier uniform and even though he wouldn't hold still for the camera he was cute all the same.  Thank you Maides family for inviting us.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

September and October

Wow I have majorly been slacking on giving everyone an update.  I was shocked when I realized it's been  2 months!  We enjoyed our last few weeks in Utah, which we spent running around like crazy trying to see everyone for just one last time and enjoying the fall weather.  We started it off with one last camping trip over Labor Day weekend.  Then a few weekend later I had a chance to run in "The Dirty Dash" which is a muddy 10K.  I was able to run it as a team with a few of my aunts and my cute sister Brady.  We had such a great time, I'm sure going to miss running with them.

We were able to make it down to visit Thanksgiving Point a few more times, Hayden just loves seeing all the animals and even had a chance to try milking a cow.  We then loaded up the car and made the long haul cross country back to Georgia.  The car was very full as we had my mom, Brady, Trigger, Hayden and myself along with all our luggage.  We were able to make good time and made the trip in 3 days with minimal stops.   Then we spent a few last days showing Brady and my mom around Savannah before sending them back to Utah.  We will miss all our family and friends back in Utah but, are finally starting to get settled here in Georgia.  Preston should be home soon and we can hardly wait.

Sorry for the picture overload there's just way too many!


Hayden loves hanging out in hammocks.

Just part of the clan eating dinner, we're going to miss the big campouts.

 All 5 of us out on the trail.

 What a way to finish girls!  Kelsie, Rachelle, Tricia, Brady and myself

We got to go spend a few days with my Aunt Rachelle and her family.  They were so nice to take us out boating, we had such a great time.
We were so excited we got to see Brady cheer for her senior year.

 A few of us trying to stay warm. (McKay, Hayden and I, James and Tyler)

Hayden with his favorite cheerleader.


Cheesing for the camera

Sneaking peaches whenever he can.

Trying to build with blocks at the Children's Discovery Garden.

 Playing with the sand/water table at the Museum of Ancient Life.

Look I'm riding all by myself.

Feeding the goats, Hayden loves being able to do it all on his own.

Milking my first cow, I'm sorry for the poor angle but it's tight in there.

 Portable DVD players are lifesavers on road trips.

 Hayden walking Trigger at one of our many rest stops.

 Showing off his glow bracelets that Grandma brought for late nights in the car.

What a great travelers these two are.  They both did awesome!

Let me prop my feet up, give me a candy necklace, along with a beaded spider,
and I'm ready to roll for a few hours.

 Strolling Tybee beach with Grandma.

 Big wave, YEAH!

One last cuddle on the couch before Brady heads home.  We sure do miss her.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010


Hayden and I just returned from spending 3 weeks back in Savannah setting up our new home and visiting all our friends. Uncle Morgan was able to join us for the first week of our trip to help with the unpacking.  He was such a great help and I'm not sure I could have survived without him.  Due to his help we were able to completely unpack the whole house in just a few days.  I wasn't good with pictures while Morgan was there but, we spent time with him at the beach on Tybee Island and of course River Street.

We had a such a great time catching up with all our friends and are so blessed by all the help they gave.  While there we got to go to our community pool a few times, it was a huge hit with Hayden as it has it's own kiddy area. Hayden also got to have his first daycare experience while mommy got some workout time in.  He enjoyed having so many kids close to his age to play with and thrived off all the interactions.  Hayden also discovered that he loves talking on the phone, especially with Grandma and Grandpa.  We are excited to have found a home that we love in Savannah and now can't wait for daddy to come home so we can all enjoy it together.

 Hayden is such a great help putting the beds together.

 On day 2 of unpacking I glanced over and this is what I saw!
He is such a daredevil.

 He thinks the new fireplace makes a great seat.

Hayden sporting his new backpack.

Hayden's 1st haircut, thanks Mrs. Mariann.

 Eating snacks with his daddy doll.

All tuckered out

Hayden is becoming a pro at using his fork.

Hayden loves talking on the phone.