Saturday, December 26, 2009

Seven Months

Finally made it to Utah, yeah!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Oh, holding my first shotgun with Grandpa.

The month of November brought some big changes to the Dean household, and even though we're a month late posting we thought you'd like to keep up with everything we've had going on.  Early in the month Hayden, and I sent Preston off on his second deployment. Then Hayden and I made a cross country drive to Utah along with Trigger and Grandma Holmes.  Who ever would have guessed that Hayden was going to do better than Trigger.  We have finally settled in and are doing well living with Rhianne's parents.  Hayden has grown so much this month, he's gotten his lower two front teeth in, began fully crawling and pulling himself up on everything he gets close to.  Hayden experienced his first Thanksgiving with the Holmes' side, then a day of making gingerbread houses with his aunts. He's usually a very happy little boy, oh did I mention that means as long as someone's paying attention to him.  We are missing daddy but, getting along all the same.