Sunday, November 22, 2009

Our Hero

We just wanted to take a moment to send some special love out to our hero, husband, father and friend. We love and miss you.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Six Months

What to say . . . . . . . we can hardly believe that our little boy is 6 months old.  Where does the time go, seems like just yesterday we were heading home from the hospital.  Hayden has turned into quite the wiggle worm these days.  We are getting a kick out of Hayden's attempt to crawl.  He has yet to fully put hand in front of hand but is pulling himself around with his arms and pushing with his feet. This is requiring us to keep a closer eye on him as we are finding items that need to be moved out of his reach.  Hayden has also started eating solids this past month, he's really only tried cereal so far and doesn't really care all to much for it.  Hopefully we'll have better success with his fruits and veggies.  For Hayden's first Halloween we stayed home and simply answered the door and showed of his pumpkin hat.  We figured heading out in the neighborhood was a little pointless as we both knew mommy would end up eating all the candy and we all know she didn't need that.  We're enjoying our last few days together as a family before Preston deploys, we've enjoyed having him around a little more often lately as they try to give them as much time home with their families as possible.  We'll try and keep everyone up to date as we go through some major family changes in the next month.  Wishing everyone a happy holiday season!

Look I found my reflection!

Ewe, what is that?

Oops!  This is what happens when mommy doesn't buckle me in now.

Reading with Grandma Mary during her visit.

 Where's Hayden?

Trying to sneak in daddy's duffel bag.

Happy Halloween!