Sunday, February 5, 2012

Our Utah Trip In Review (Photos 16-30)

So Hayden and I enjoyed our trip back to Utah to visit with lots of family and friends (for those that we missed we are so sorry and we'll hopefully see you next time.)  Wow it never seems to surprise me how quickly 2 weeks goes by when you are having lots of fun.  Preston was unable to join us on this trip back but stayed home and made great progress the basement finishing up the electrical.  Now for the photos:

Day 16: Hayden was so excited to try out his new backpack and did so good treaking around the airport with all his goodies.

Day 17: Today Hayden discovered how to climb up on the pool table all on his own.

Day 18: We tried out a recipe for homemade soda ice cream.  Hayden enjoyed helping fill the ice cream maker with ice.

Day 19: Grandma bought some special drinks just for Hayden and he went through them like crazy.

Day 20: Hayden and Abby reunited!

Day 21:  Hayden with his Aunt "Bwady" in the 'Burg.

Day 22: Today we traveled down to Gunnison with Grandma Connie to see Grandpa and Grandma Shurtz.  Hayden loved playing all sorts of games and toys with Grandma Connie.

Day 23: The neighbor brought over this huge squash.  Hayden kept calling it a pumpkin and wouldn't stop pushing it all over.

Day 24: Posing with the grandparents and Hayden posing with his hand print calendar we made for Christmas.

Day 25: Hayden is hard at work making fresh squeezed orange juice with Grandpa.

Day 26: Today we went to Color Me Mine along with Brady, Grandma and Grandpa Holmes.  As soon as Hayden spotted the Lightening McQueen piggy bank there was no talking him into painting anything else.

Day 27:

Day 28: Kyler came up to visit with us today and enjoyed playing guns with Hayden and Uncle James.  Now trying to get a good picture with 2 very active boys, impossible.

Day 29: Grandpa and Hayden enjoying one last game of pool together.  The whole time we stayed at Grandpa's house Hayden was continually asking everyone to "play pool" with him.

Day 30: Finally Hayden feel asleep on the airplane after a 4 hour flight and of course just as we were landing.
We had such a great trip and want to say thank you to everyone who made it such an enjoyable visit.  We miss you all and can't wait to see you again.