Wednesday, March 7, 2012

1st Week of March

Yea for being caught up! I'm so happy to finally be posting something on time, I love when that happens.  The weather here has been crazy lately we go from a 20 degree day to 60 degrees 2 days later.  What is up with that?!  We're not really complaining as we were able to go outside and play a few days this last week which is very unusual for us this time of year.  Spring is just around the corner and we can't wait.

Day 60:

Day 61: Just like his daddy, Hayden loves his sauces.

Day 62: This is what happens to Hayden at 5:30 when he tries to skip out on his nap.

Day 63: You just can't beat Oreo's with milk for a bedtime snack.

Day 64: Hayden is trying to give up nap time so our compromise is that he has quite reading time in his bed alone.  I really enjoyed listening to him tell this story in his own words, so cute.

Day 65: I made up these boxes on the Cricut today for the sisters I visit teach.  I'm so excited with the way they turned out and the fun "gold" Hershey's nuggets inside just in time for St.Patrick's Day.

Day 66: I can hardly believe it we hit 60 the first week of March.  I'm starting to wonder if we're in the north country or not!  Of course we couldn't resist it and headed outside for a walk with Trigger.

February (Photos 31-59)

Wow where did February go?!  We have been busy this month which means I've had a hard time stopping to update our photos.  So once again I am hoping to do better at posting weekly.  Good news is I'm still at least taking my picture so half of my goal is being fulfilled right.

Day 31:

Day 32: Well we made our first full attempt on potty training today.  This is our pile of goodies and motivation for Hayden.

Day 33: Red Velvet Cupcakes!

 Day 34: Playing with daddy!

 Day 35: Super bowl goodies, cake batter rice krispys.

Day 36: Hayden has loved snaking on carrots lately.

Day 37: 5 Guys peanuts!  I think the peanuts are Hayden's favorite thing when we go out to 5 guys.

Day 38:


Day 40: Homemade bread bowls, yummy!

Day 41: Today we had a chance to take Hayden bowling for the first time.  He enjoyed it so much we'll have to take him again sometime soon.

Day 42: Hayden made this adorable Valentine in his nursery class today at church.

Day 43: Hayden opening his Valentine's gift from Grandma Connie.

Day 44: Happy Valentine's Day!!!

Day 45: Well today I tried out a cleaning trick I found on Pinterest to clean our grates.  I always dread cleaning them due to the huge amount of elbow grease it takes.  What a difference this trick makes, here are our before and after shots, with just a soak and rinse!

Day 46: Finally a nice day outside.

Day 47: Lowe's, our most frequent store.  Hayden loved riding on the cart with all the insulation we were picking up for the basement.

Day 48: Today we woke up to this beautiful snow, though I wondered what happened to the nice weather we had just two days ago.

A second photo for today, while it snowed outside we had the great joy of insulating inside.  See how far we've come!

Day 49: Everytime I turn my head lately Hayden has found a new pose for laying on the couch.

Day 50: With Preston having the day off for President's Day I decided to make a special breakfast treat, apple cider donuts.  They were so delicious and relatively easy, we will be making these again.

Day 51: My two guys chilling on the couch together, just melts my heart.

Day 52: Today I have been sewing up a burp cloth storm.  I just love how adorable they turned out.

Day 53: Hayden loves trying to play on the computer, I should probably look into some educational programs for him.

Day 54: This is what happens when Hayden plays on his own in his room, complete destruction sheets and all.

Day 55: Hayden trying to be a big helper.

Day 56: My first attempt at lava cakes, so good and super easy.  Thanks Mom.

Day 57: Today we tried playing with aqua gems for a fun sensory activity.

Day 58: Our first 2 panels of drywall are hung!

Day 59: Adam was able to come over and play for a few hours together.  I loved how they were sitting together on Hayden's little chair and fulfilling their thirst after playing so hard.

Thanks for hanging in there and sharing our February with us.