Monday, January 16, 2012

Days 8-15

Wow I can't believe that another week has speed by and somehow I missed my mid week post.  Oh well such is life and here's our last week in photos.

Day 8: A new knitting project, my first cable scarf.  Going well so far.
Day 9: This is what I woke up to find, what a great morning.

Day 10: We had such a warm day (for NY in January that is) that I just knew I had to let Hayden out to wander.  He loved it and was so upset when we had to come in to start dinner.

Oops, this is actually another picture for day 10, Hayden enjoying his snack after coming in from the snow.  I love how he sits with his feet up on the edge of his chair, so adorable.

Day 11: My new bag hot off the sewing machine.  I love it and can't wait to try it out on our trip next week.

Day 12: Finally a decent snow storm!

Day 13: Hayden was dieing to go out and play so we bundled up and braved the chilling temperature of 5 degrees.

Day 14: A work in progress.

Day 15: Finished!  This is the flag quilt that I pieced last June.  I finally pulled it out this week and machine quilted it.  Now all I need to do is sew the binding on and hang it up on Hayden's bedroom wall.

Tomorrow Hayden and I take off for 2 weeks in Utah visiting family.  We are so excited, we haven't been back since we moved away back in fall of 2010.  See you all in a few weeks!

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Day 5-7

Well we managed to make it through the weekend with no new snow.  I can't decide if I'm happy about this or not.  I was so excited to be back in New York with all 4 seasons again and lots of snow and this winter so far has been a little disappointing.  I guess I'll just hope that these next two months bring more.  Now on to the last few days in photos!

Day 5: I tried out this recipe for cheddar bacon ranch pulls to go along with our dinner. The taste was awesome, will certainly be making again but with a sharper cheese next time.

Day 6: Today I tried pulling out the playdough for Hayden to play with.  He did so much better than last time, in fact he stayed entertained for a good long while.   

Day 7: Today after church Hayden was begging to play with his train set so I finally toke the time to set it up for him.  It' amazing how much fun he has with it every time I set it up.  I need to just remember this and do it more often for him.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

New Year and a New Challenge

So the few of you who actually read this may or may not have heard of project 365.  It's a fun way of documenting a year of your life with a photo a day.  I've been wanting to do this for a while now and have decided that this is the time to start.  So my goal is to try and share my photos at least once a week, hopefully twice.  Sometimes I'll have lengthy descriptions and other times nothing.  My primary goal is to just enjoy taking more photos, learning more about my camera, and to document more of our day to day happenings as a family.

  Day 1: Our project for the day frame the basement fireplace inserts.  Now all the framing is complete and it's onto electrical.

Day 2: Actually a collage but I couldn't pick just one.  Hayden was having so much fun playing with his marshmallow gun from Grandpa Holmes.
Day 3: Sewing on the binding for my first finished quilt of the year.

Day 4: Hayden is now trying to take pictures just like momma.