Friday, April 27, 2012

Finally an update (in pics of course!)

So I know lame title but I was trying to make it a little more original than the usual "crap I've fallen behind again so here's an update."  Even if that is what it is. So some how even without posting I've remembered to take a photo almost every day.  Yes, I admit I have missed a day here and there.  At first I just felt defeated but then I had to think about why I am really doing this which is to try and document what is happening in our family on a day to day basis which even missing a day here or there I am still accomplishing.  So here is a bundle of photos from what we've been up to over the past month (or two.)

Photo 67: St.Patrick's day center piece that I put together today.

Photo 68: Happy Birthday to me!  Sorry Hayden had to stand in since I had to take the picture.

Photo 69: So this is a photo the starting photo for our future garden location.  I was going to document the sun during different times of the day because I was worried it wasn't going to get enough sun.

Photo 70: Homemade pizza, yummy.

Photo 71&72:

Photo 73: I love that Hayden still loves to play with this shopping cart.

Day 74:

Photo 75: Preston spoiled me with an iPad for my birthday, if you'll notice that little hand someone else also thought it was great.

Photo 76: Green eggs and ham for St.Patrick's Day!

Photo 77:
 Photo 78: Today on our walk this is how I caught Hayden lounging.

Photo 79: I love the signs of SPRING!

Photo 80:

Photo 81: We caught this woodpecker outside our kitchen window this morning.  It was so neat to hear it just pecking away.

Photo 82: Hayden has found he loves helping us dig in the dirt and asks to get his shovel out whenever we are outside playing.

Photo 83: So we decided to use up all the extra gravel we have from last years projects to cover the ground around a fire pit.  The weather was so nice today we were able to get out and get it started and to burn of some of the fallen tree limbs that were littering the yard.

 Photo 84: Day 2 of working on the fire pit and a finished project!  Wow and only 2 days by far one of our quickest.  Now I can't wait for our burn ban to be over so we can use it.

Photo 85: This is what happens when I make the mistake of placing the juice boxes at Hayden's level in the fridge.

Photo 86: I figured I was time for another basement update.  We are finished hanging drywall in the 2 bedrooms, the storage room and now both hallways!  I love looking down this hallway and can't wait to finish.

 Photo 87: Today we managed to build an airplane, a garage and a tower out of  "egos" as Hayden calls them.

Photo 88: I just finished sewing up this adorable basket for Hayden.  Lucky for me he doesn't mind sharing it as a center piece.

Photo 89: Well we got a little overwhelmed hanging drywall today and I forgot to take my photo sorry.

Photo 90: Today we had a FRG troop Easter egg hunt at Thompson Park.  Hayden has such a great time playing on the playground and finding eggs.  He was only a little nervous around the Easter bunny this year.

I can't believe how big he is getting and that he could straddle these tires all by his self.