Thursday, October 27, 2011

U Pick Apples

This fall being back in New York I wanted to take Hayden to pick apples and make lots of homemade goodies. We found just the spot at Behling's Apple Orchard and had so much fun with our friends Trevor and Kaylen. Hayden loved picking the apples and we made out with a total of 74 lbs. We canned some of them into apple sauce and apple butter, then we had to have fresh apple crisp and caramel apples, Hayden's new favorite treat.

Yummy, yummy.
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2011 Outdoor Summer Projects

The first project up on the list of outdoor projects was a patio to place all our outdoor furniture on. Now we had now idea when we started what an endeavor this would turn out to be. We began by digging an 8-inch deep hole to hold the patio base made up of crushed stone and sand. Then we laid flagstone in the sand and here is where we stopped for the year. We plan on finishing it with some soil and ground cover plants that should fill in the gaps. We are so pleased with the way it turned out and now can't wait to use it next year.

Project #2: When we got to the house we realized the front was in desperate need of help. First we sanded and painted the deck, a 5-day project. Note to self never own a wrap around wood deck again, way to much maintenance. Next we covered in the underside of the deck to add to the appearance and keep dogs and unwanted pest out. Lastly we ripped out a bunch of unsightly bushes and trimmed up the ones we decided to keep before tilling it all and planting new hostas with a ton of bark. Whew, another project done!

This photo is actually half way through, the deck has been painted, we've ripped out some bushes and started covering some of the lower half.

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Finally Our Summer Happenings

Finally we are blogging about our fun exciting summer. We started of the month of June saying goodbye to our friends in Savannah and once again packing up and heading North. We are excited to be back in our home in New York and have since spent many long hours once again on home projects (more to come on these later) and squeezing in a few fun activities before the summer was over. Here are Hayden's adventures in photos.

Hayden playing on Trigger's bed amidst all the packing.

First project: Paint Hayden's room

Hayden's first time painting with watercolors, mom's new keep Hayden busy activity.

Hayden's favorite exhibit at the NY state fair, the trains of course.

Sending summer out with some good old BUBBLES!

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Disney World 2011

So I'm a little late getting this up but better late than never right. In the beginning of May we were able to meet up with Grandma and Grandpa along with Brady and James at the happiest place on earth for a much needed vacation. I was so excited to take Hayden and we had prepared him to meet Mickey with a few episodes of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse his favorite tv show at the moment. What a fabulous trip, the first day we checked out Epcot (which happened to be Mother's Day), then the next day was Animal Kingdom followed by the Main Street Electrical parade at Magic Kingdom in the evening.  I have to say out of all the parades we saw the electrical was our favorite, Hayden loved seeing all the lights and of course Mickey being pulled by a choo-choo.While at Animal Kingdom Hayden had a chance to meet Rafiki and Jiminy Cricket out at Discovery Island along with checking out some goats in a petting zoo.

The next day we headed out to Disney's Hollywood Studios.  Hayden was deathly afraid of Ursula from The Little Mermaid Live but loved Disney Junior live and Toy Story Mania.  I would probably have to say seeing all the Disney Junior characters was one of his favorite things.  We spent a few afternoons cooling off at the water parks both Typhoon Lagoon and Blizzard Beach.  Hayden found that he quite enjoyed floating around on the lazy river on his own little mini tube.  I wasn't able to get a picture but he would just lay back and float on by.  Last up was Magic Kingdom, Hayden's favorite rides were the Mad Tea Party and the cars at Tomorrowland Speedway.  He got to see both Mickey and Chip and Dale while at the Magic Kingdom and we caught Wishes and Fantasy in the Sky Fireworks show before heading home.  We ended up having to cut our trip a day short because Preston got called back a day early, that being said we had a magical time at Disney and can't wait to go back.

We begin our first morning with a ride on the bus with Grandma to Epcot.
Hayden really enjoyed riding the buses around Disney property.
Shaking maracas with Grandpa in an African village at Animal Kingdom.

Kilimanjaro Safari with dad, this Hayden saying "No" I don't want to get off.

Grandpa bought Hayden a special toy to play with while waiting for the parade, Hayden loved it!

Of course Hayden had to have cotton candy with his Aunt Brady.

Hugs with Chip and Dale!

Finally meeting Mickey, I think Hayden was a little surprised.

Big grins on the teacups!

One last ride on the Speedway before catch the fireworks and heading home.

in Mickey's words "we'll see you real soon."