Saturday, November 20, 2010

Last Few Weeks Alone

Since we're almost finished with this deployment and we've been on our own the last few weeks, Hayden's had a little more freedom to roam on his own.  This has meant finding him in some pretty interesting places or me allowing him to do a few more things just to stay busy.  Lucky for us our time apart is over as Preston is set to arrive home tomorrow!

 Brady taught him this and now he won't stay out of it.  Sad part is he can't get out on his own so he'll call until I come.

 He just had to find a way to get those bubbles.

All this playing sure tuckers a boy out.

 Yeah, fresh bread!

 Sure smells yummy, is it done yet? (I love how his nose is smashed right up against the top.)
Uh Oh, he's found the buttons.

 Let's see what I can find in here.

Ah, a nice book.  I love finding him like this rather than ripping them apart, maybe he is learning after all.


cummings said...

He looks like a little boy now, not a baby. :(

fialka012 said...