Saturday, April 3, 2010

Ten/Eleven Months

Well sorry for no monthly update last month.  Here's one last time for our monthly update before our little guy turns 1, yikes!  I thought for sure Hayden would be walking by now as he's been pulling him self up for a while and walking along the furniture.  Who knows I should probably be counting my blessings that he hasn't yet as I'm just now finishing putting locks on everything.  Hayden's current favorite thing to do is make as much noise as possible banging different things together, usually it's the empty pie tins.  He also loves putting his eggs in the basket on his farm and then dancing to the music it plays.


Playing with Grandma Connie in the mirror.

Hayden watching his first super bowl.

Looks like Hayden found Grandpa's briefcase.


Hayden loves being right in the middle of everything, including sewing.

Look daddy, I'm lifting weights too.

Helping mommy get daddy's package ready.

Uh oh, sharing goodies with Trigger.


Andy and Becky said...

Hayden is looking so grown up! He and the boys would have so much fun playing together these days. We miss you guys!

Laura Dorais said...

Rhianne, Hayden is so darling! I love the picture where he is smiling with his cute teeth!