Sunday, July 4, 2010

Over due update

I'm really late getting these up but, I still wanted to share what Hayden's been up to.  As I've said previously Hayden is now walking.  He was slow starting still preferring to crawl for about a week after taking his first step.  But, once he had some practice he was off.  He's into everything now and I'm constantly saying or hearing others tell him no, or how did you get up there.  In fact just today I watched him figure out how to climb up on the kitchen chair all on his own.  Who knows what this new discovery is going to bring.  Hayden loves spending time outside whether it's cruising around in the jogging stroller, being pulled in his wagon, or just playing out in the dirt. He's also finally figured out how to throw the ball for Trigger and they are enjoying playing a little more together.  We've made it out to the pool a few times and after being a little shy at first, he now jumps right in.  Hayden is certainly keeping me on my toes and making the days go by extremely fast.  We are getting excited to see daddy in only a few short day hopefully.

 Hayden helping himself to some watermelon.

Giving Grandma Connie lots of kisses.

Hayden loves using his chair to look out the window.

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