Thursday, October 27, 2011

U Pick Apples

This fall being back in New York I wanted to take Hayden to pick apples and make lots of homemade goodies. We found just the spot at Behling's Apple Orchard and had so much fun with our friends Trevor and Kaylen. Hayden loved picking the apples and we made out with a total of 74 lbs. We canned some of them into apple sauce and apple butter, then we had to have fresh apple crisp and caramel apples, Hayden's new favorite treat.

Yummy, yummy.
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Andrea said...

Candied apples are so fun to make! Hayden is so cute and looks like he is definitely enjoying that apple;)

So are you guys stationed back at Ft.Drum? You guys were in Georgia right?


Yep, we were in Savannah for a few year and now are re-stationed back at Drum. We had request it so we could move back into our home. How about you?