Sunday, May 3, 2009

Finally Some More Pictures

After many requests I have finally found a few minutes to get some more pictures up. We've spent most of Hayden's few days home now just adjusting to our new family life. Hayden got to meet and spend time with some of his grandparents, who came to visit and meet their first grandchild. All in all we can't get enough of our little boy and are excited to have him here.

Hayden with his BIRTHday cake from the hospital.

Hayden sleeping with daddy in the early morning.

Spending time with Grandma and Grandpa Holmes.

Snuggling down for a nap with mom.


cummings said...

How cute!! He definitely looks like a little boy. I bet your parents sure loved him. I wish I could come see him. I can't believe the light blonde hair. So Cute!!!

Ashley said...

He is so cute!! Tell your parents hi for me.

LiNdSaY said...

congratulations rhainne. he's cute. when you get a minute i would like your email address so i can invite you to my blog. i would also like to send a gift for hayden. -lindsay

Jess said...

Hi Rhianne. I saw your blog through Ashley's and just had to say Congrats!!! Hayden is adorable.

Andrea said...

Rhianne...he is such a handsome little guy! Congrats! I hope you are holding up well! You look great BTW!