Thursday, May 14, 2009

Week 2

I was trying to post earlier in the week when I discover my camera with all the recent pictures on it had disappeared. Come to find out Preston had taken it to work and left it there. So, we're a few days late getting these pictures up. What to say about Hayden's 2nd week home: We had one last day with Rhianne's parents and we choose to spend it with a quick trip out to Tybee Island and exploring River Street. We decided the beach was the perfect place for our first family picture, now if the wind wouldn't have been so strong it might have turned out a little better but, oh well. We also tried going to a restaurant with Hayden for the first time, he was so good and slept through all of dinner. We we're sad to see the grandparents leave but, are looking forward to having Preston's parents come visit us next week.

Our first family photo

Hayden grabbing a quick nap in his favorite position.


Andy and Becky said...

What a sweet family!

Andrea said...

I love your first family photo, so cute!