Monday, June 22, 2009

A Day in The Life of Hayden @ 7 weeks

Preston's mom, Connie, just posted this on her family blog so, I thought I'd move a copy of it over here for all of you to enjoy. We did this on one of her last days here, on which we drove up to Hilton Head, SC. Thanks Connie!

Hayden loves bath-time - it's a great way to start the day!

Getting lots of hugs and kisses makes getting dried off more enjoyable.

Now that Hayden's bathed and dressed, he naps so mom can get ready too.

Still sleeping but it's time to go, so into his car seat he goes...

Waking up and starting to smile... Oh Boy! We're driving!
Hayden loves going places in the car!!!

Patiently waiting in the car with mom...

Hayden's in a very happy mood...

There are lots of things to smile, wave, coo and goo about...

Seeing downtown Savannah from a new point of view...

More hugs and kisses...

Then back in the car seat he goes.

While mom drives, Hayden loves smiling at himself in his own little mirror!

It's lunch time so mom eats while Hayden takes a nap.

Still sleeping, but now that mom's full it's about time to wake up...

Awake and smiling again after lunch and a diaper change!

Posing for a Hilton Head picture with Grandma Connie.

At the outlet mall, Hayden's in his stroller and mom's headed towards the stores.

Learning early that boy's have to wait and be patient while girls shop...

Starting to get hungry again, but patiently taking in the Gap
while mommy tries on clothes.

Feeling content after mom took a feeding break in the dressing room.
Just before majorly spitting up on Grandma!

Finally done shopping and ready to go home, after a change of everything! Good thing mommy brought a changing pad and plenty of spares. (She knew her Coach diaper bag would come in handy!)

At home, Hayden likes watching mom open the mail.

Then it's time for bed after a an exciting day.

It's always good to get rocked to sleep at night.

Ah Oh. In the morning Trigger's on the bed with Hayden and mommy... that means daddy must not be around!

Looking around... wonder what's going to happen today?

Being adorable and smiling at mommy!

What was that??? Hayden's not quite sure what he thinks about Trigger giving him a good-morning kiss...

Oh well... maybe it means it's time for another bath :)


The Road Less Traveled. said...

Oh I miss seeing his smile so much! I can't believe how much he is changing even in a couple of weeks.

Love you!

LiNdSaY said...

he is so cute. i need a boy!

Andrea said...

He soooooo cute!! I love his cheeks! He definitely looks like he is storing food in them!

Aubrey said...

Oh, I so wish you were here and I could kiss and hold that baby. I think that Gabriel and Hayden will be good friends. It sounds like Hayden is a little leader and Gabriel is a mellow little follower. It will be fun to see them interact.