Friday, June 19, 2009

Fort Pulaski

While Ashlee and Grandma Connie were here visiting we went out to Ft. Pulaski, an old civil war battle site. Ft. Pulaski is one of the few memories Preston has from growing up in Savannah. He remembers his mom taking him there often to see the cannons.

Preston, Connie and Rhianne

Connie, Ashlee and Preston by an old cannon.

Hayden slept the whole time we were at Ft. Pulaski. The only time he awoke was for a brief few seconds after they let off the cannons. What a trooper!

Old civil war flag flying over Ft. Pulaski

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cummings said...

Yeah, I'm so excited to see some new posts. I love the diaper bag, too. Very stylish!!! You look pretty sexy too, for being a new mom. He's getting too big. He's not gonna be a little baby still when I finally see him.