Sunday, September 13, 2009

Aunt Aubrey and Gabriel's Visit

Around the middle of August Preston's sister Aubrey came to visit with her youngest son Gabriel. We had lots of fun getting the boys together as they are only 3 days apart in age. I enjoyed showing Aubrey around Savannah. She had lots of memories from when her family lived here during her childhood. While Aubrey was here I got to experience my first trolley tour of Savannah with her. And even though we could have driven to all the locations on our own, I loved hearing some of the stories and history attached to the sites. I would highly recommend a tour like this to anyone wanting to learn some fun history about Savannah. We also did the usual River Street activities and such. What was new for us was a trip up to Charleston, S.C. We didn't get much time to explore but, we did enjoy an authentic tea lunch and the local city market. The down side was the 2 and a half hour drive with two babies who we learned don't like riding in the car for long periods of time. We had a fun time visiting with Aubrey and Gabriel and are so happy that we live in a place that beckons visitors.

Gabriel and Hayden checking each other out.

Trying to get a picture of two smiling babies is super hard!

Hayden cruising down River Street in his stroller.

All of us out tea in Charleston.

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