Sunday, September 13, 2009

Four Months

Soooooo, I was hoping to get this post off before we left on vacation but, as you now know that did not happen. Hayden began rolling over about a week before his 4 month birth date. We had been watching him get so close for days and every time we'd pull out the video camera and he'd stall. Then off course after an early morning wake up I set Hayden down on the floor and was stealing a few minutes on the computer when I glanced over to find Hayden on his belly. I was so sad that I'd missed it and yet excited at his accomplishment. Now if I'd truly known what this really meant I don't know if I'd been as excited, Hayden preceded to roll over several times that day and hasn't stopped, now this includes during nap time. Which is when I'm wishing he'd stop and go to sleep. Hayden has also really began to get into Trigger. He loves to watch Trigger walk by wagging his tail. We also discovered that if Hayden's cranky all we need to do to perk him up is to play ball with Trigger. This gets Hayden smiling and laughing in no time. I just know they are going to be the best of friends.

Just after rolling over for the first time.

Hayden sitting with his proud daddy.

Reading with mommy before bed.

Look I've found my thumb.

Eating out with mom at Lady and Son's.

The boys of the Dean household chilling on the couch.

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Laura Dorais said...

Rhianne, Hayden is so stinkin' cute ! It was fun to see you guys, thanks for letting us play with Hayden :)