Sunday, May 1, 2011

Friends Forever

Well I'm only about 2 months late getting this post up and since I'm using this more as a family journal now everyone else gets to come along for the ride. We've had some amazing friends who recently moved away and as we got down to the last few weeks I found myself reflecting on all that we've been through with them. Michael, the father moved to Ft.Drum with us at the same time and purchased a home a block away, shortly after he married his sweet wife, Jaclyn, who quickly became a close friend. We shared both of our deployments together, welcoming family pets, pregnancies for both families and a move to Savannah together. When we returned to Savannah Hayden quickly became attached to Emily. He would walk around the house calling for "Emme" as he called her. We are so sad to see our friends leave, especially Hayden who doesn't quite understand where Emily has gone. Here's best of luck to all our friends who know the Army lifestyle all to well and to new friendships may they be as cherished as ours.

Hayden and Emily enjoying soft play together, Aug '10

Halloween together 2010

All the kiddo's at Christmas (Ethan, Emily and Hayden)

One last trip to the beach together.

They even shared matching pj's for a night!

 They loved swinging together.

 We tried for one last photo before saying goodbye, but as kids do they just wanted to run and play.

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