Saturday, May 7, 2011

Hayden is 2!

Wow I never thought this day would come so quickly. We held Hayden's birthday party actually a day late this year since the weekend always works better. So, on his actual birthday I bought a few cupcakes, because everyone deserves at least a cupcake on their birthday, I decided to have him try blowing out a single candle to practice for his party cake. He wouldn't do it at all, I just kinda stared at it. So the next night we light his candles and what does he do, immediately blows them out before I can even blink, and of course I had to relight them so I could get a picture. I guess he got the lesson quickly from our one session before. We had a wonderful party with a few of our friends here in Savannah, Preston made some wonderful smoked ribs and I of course made an adorable train cake. Hayden loves choo-choo trains as he says right now so I knew I had to do a train cake. The hardest part was trying to keep him away from it all day.  Hayden we love you so much and can not imagine our lives without you in it.

Hayden was also trying to open his gifts super early, this is one such attempt.  Success!

Hayden and CJ playing with his new trains.

Sneaking leftover train candy for breakfast.

He's such a frosting lover like his mommy.

Disney suckers from Aunt Brady and Gavin to help pump Hayden up for our Disney trip next week!

Hayden tidbits for the scrapbook:
*Hayden's 2 year check-up he weighed in at 25 lbs. and is now 33.5 inches tall.
*He's attempting to talk up a storm, even though I can only understand maybe half of what he is trying to tell me.
*Still climbing any and everything. He is definitely my little monkey.
*He loves his dog "Twigger" and they are starting to become good buddies.
*He knows most of his body parts and loves going through them on mommy and daddy.  I wonder if all that prodding will one day lead to something.

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cummings said...

Cute cake! Look how big he's getting.