Thursday, January 5, 2012

New Year and a New Challenge

So the few of you who actually read this may or may not have heard of project 365.  It's a fun way of documenting a year of your life with a photo a day.  I've been wanting to do this for a while now and have decided that this is the time to start.  So my goal is to try and share my photos at least once a week, hopefully twice.  Sometimes I'll have lengthy descriptions and other times nothing.  My primary goal is to just enjoy taking more photos, learning more about my camera, and to document more of our day to day happenings as a family.

  Day 1: Our project for the day frame the basement fireplace inserts.  Now all the framing is complete and it's onto electrical.

Day 2: Actually a collage but I couldn't pick just one.  Hayden was having so much fun playing with his marshmallow gun from Grandpa Holmes.
Day 3: Sewing on the binding for my first finished quilt of the year.

Day 4: Hayden is now trying to take pictures just like momma.


**DiXoNs** said...

Oh I love your quilt! It looks so cute!

Andy and Becky said...

I look forward to following along as you start your new challenge! Yes,the quilt is beautiful!